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Recognizing the need for delivering real-time, mission critical weather information via a wireless transmission in a wide range of applications, Belfort launched its DigiWx™ product line in 2000. The initial focus for the DigiWx™ product is the aviation market – particularly venues that are not currently supported by costly government designed weather systems such as small public-use airports, heliports, seaplane bases, crop duster operations and private landing strips. Within these applications, DigiWx™ provides high quality, up-to-the-minute weather conditions to ground personnel and pilots through several media options resulting in enhanced aircraft/light safety and operational performance. Belfort has recently introduced significant enhancements to its DigiWx™ product such that real time, local weather information can be received automatically over standard UNICOM frequencies, telephone, the Internet, or on its well established handheld device.

Some of our DigiWx Websites   --  Sites:

ID Name latitude longitude Town State Web Site
6JY8, Cablevision Bethpage Heliport, 40.75965932602628, -73.49649131298065, Bethpage NY, Bethpage Heliport
26N , Ocean City, 39.2635000000, -74.6075000000, Ocean City NJ, Ocean City
N27, Bradford County Airport, 41.7400097000, -76.4471317000, Towanda PA, Bradford County Airport
W32 , Hyde Field, 38.7483330000, -76.9328330000, Clinton MD, Hyde Field
LHV , Lock Haven, 41.13600320591868, -77.42192029953003, Lock Haven Pa, Lock Haven
FA54 , Coral Creek, 26.8545000000, -82.2511660000, Placida FL, Coral Creek
VLA , Vandalia, 38.9915000000, -89.1661660000, Vandalia IL, Vandalia
GRE , Greenville, 38.833556795784745, -89.37583923339844, Greenville IL, Greenville
K68, Garnett Municipal, 38.2773583, -95.2152306 KS, Garnett, Garnett Municipal
S71 , Edgar Obie, 48.592111, -109.250611 Elevation=2416.0000000000, Chinook MT, Edgar Obie
6S5 , Ravalli County, 46.2514944, -114.1255403, Hamilton MT, Ravalli County
S59 , Libby, 48.2838330000, -114.4901660000, Libby MT, Libby
88M , Eureka, 48.9738330000, -115.0763330000, Eureka MT, Eureka